I’m a girlie girl.

I remember being around 10 years old trying to make high heels with my younger sister with paper and toy blocks. That didn’t work very well.

As a teenager, when my mother finally allowed me to wear makeup, I never left the house without my lipstick, perfume, earrings, curled hair and a home manicure.

Nowadays, I barely have the time or energy to primp like that before I go out in public, but I still love my lipsticks and nail polish and skincare products.


Over a decade ago, though, the type of beauty products that I bought changed.

You see, my baby, my only child, was diagnosed with autism about 15 years ago. And I realized I had to make big changes for his health, and mine.

Through quite a few tests, we discovered that our son could not detox his body normally. This meant we had to reduce his exposure to toxins and chemicals as much as possible.

At the same time, the grief, worry, stress, sleep deprivation and the surrealness of a diagnosis like autism just tanked my physical and emotional health.

My doctors started slapping diagnoses on me like borderline hypertension, adrenal fatigue, Sjogren’s syndrome, hypothyroidism, and metabolic syndrome. And one doctor summed things up like this, “You’re just pooped, down to the cellular level.”


So I started making some changes, in our home and in my head. Mostly I made them for my son’s health, but eventually I did it for myself, too.

I learned in my own research, and then later in the research that I performed to earn my MPH, that certain chemicals that are found in many common, everyday products are linked to cancer and disruption of the thyroid. I had already been diagnosed with an underperforming thyroid, and I knew my son was susceptible, as well. 

So, I became intimately familiar with the gluten-free, casein-free diet; things like Downy dryer sheets, Lysol and plug-in air fresheners with all their toxic chemicals were thrown out; and I swapped out most of our plastic containers and nonstick pans for glass, stainless steel and iron. 

But for some reason, in my healthy makeover of the products that we use in our house, I saved the stuff that I apply to my skin and body everyday for last.

Maybe you have, too.

That was several years ago, when there weren’t as many options for safer soaps, lotions, fragrances and makeup.

Fortunately now, with so many female customers demanding cleaner products and fewer toxic chemicals in our everyday purchases, the health and beauty industries have responded. There are loads of better beauty choices now, with more coming out all of the time. 

I absolutely love the idea of using a moisturizer, shampoo or deodorant made of natural oils, organic butters, clays, and flower extracts–things grown in the sun and the earth–instead of in a lab.  

That’s why I’ve started this blog–to share my love of beauty products that use natural, safe ingredients (because not all natural ingredients are safe, obv), and to share the importance of reducing toxic chemicals in the hygiene and beauty products we all use everyday. 

So what about you? Where are you in your healthy beauty makeover?

Whether you’re fully onboard and started using cleaner products years ago, or you have yet to buy your first natural body wash or lipstick, I’d love to hear about it. It seems that many women decide to move to less toxic beauty products because of a health issue, like me, but not all. Let me know your “why” here, if you’d like to share. I would love to hear from you!

Btw, while I have reversed the borderline hypertension and metabolic syndrome, I’m still working on my thyroid and adrenals. Stress management is a big part of improving those systems, and I need to do some work there :). My boy is a teenager now, and is doing much better in some areas in his health. Other areas are still a struggle–we are a work in progress! We would always appreciate your prayers. 


Time for the lightning round!

  • I’m an east coast transplant living in Texas with my hubby, who can still have me LMAO after 20+ years, and my beautiful boy who is amazing at…just about everything, including whipping up big, lovely cinnamon rolls—from scratch. My gifted baker.
  • I’m a proud introvert (INSJ-woot-woot!)
  • I adore nearly anything fattening: sweet, fried, creamy, buttery…*sigh* It’s a daily struggle.
  • I take my Zumba seriously. I love it so much I got certified as an instructor.
  • I’ve been in school, like, half my life, with a B.S in Health Science, a License of Practical Nursing, and a late-in-life master’s degree in Public Health.
  • I love the Lord and have been a life-long follower of Jesus Christ. 

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