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Derma Roller Tips + Tricks

Download this free list of important tips you need to know for safe, effective derma rolling. It’s free!

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What’s Inside…

Get tips about safe needle size, how to roll the right way, what to use on your skin before and after rolling, and the 2 things you absolutely should NOT do with your roller. Your skin will thank you :). 

Hey, natural beauty!

If you’re like me, you’ve long ago switched from plastic to reusable, you’ve tossed out those toxic air freshener things, and you support your local farmer’s market. And maybe you’d like to “green up” your beauty routine and swap some DIY beauty recipes. If so, you’re definitely in the right place!

Hi, I’m Soraya, an autism mom, a wife, former nurse, Zumba sub instructor, and East Coast transplant living in TX. I love to talk about all things natural beauty, DIY and essential oils.

So if you’re into that, too, grab a cup of tea or glass of wine and stick around. Learn more about me.



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